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Külföldi startup

VC and corporate investment into climate tech grew at a faster rate than overall VC investment as a whole between 2013-2019, according to a major new report — to the tune of $60 billion of early-stage capital. The new research by PwC (“The State of Climate Tech 2020“) found that although it’s still early days […]
Here are the top media and advertising stories from Business Insider for September 24.
DeepCode, an ETH Zurich spin-off providing real-time semantic code analysis powered by AI, has has been acquired by the London based unicorn Synk the leader in developer-first cloud-native application security. The acquisition allows Synk to boost its platform supporting over 1.5 million developers by integrating and ...
A romániai dekakornisba fektető Credo Ventures egyik alapítójával találkozhatnak az érdeklődők október 5-én. A First Monday sorozattal a hazai ökoszisztéma legendás alakjának, Záboji Péternek is emléket állít a Startup Hungary. The post Ondrej Bartossal indul a Startup Hungary First Monday sorozata ...
Green-Y Energy's technology combines heating and cooling with a compressed air electricity storage in one device. The start-up has secured CHF 825’000 seed capital to realise the first pilot project and accelerate the market entry.
Covidbiztos megoldást kínál az ételrendelésre egy magyar vállalkozás: az asztalokra kihelyezett QR kód leolvasásával a vendégek érintésmentesen férhetnek hozzá az étlaphoz.
The Royal Court of Oman has selected the Swiss EdTech startup EDACY to implement a 5-week Digital Fluency online learning program developed with the EPFL. The goal was to upskill up to 10,000 of its employees.
AWorld, a technology startup that provides sustainability solutions, has launched a unique mobile app in support of the United Nations’ ActNow campaign. The startup will support the United Nations’ campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. This is an effort to mobilize individual action ...
Érdekes koncepcióval ösztönözné az elektromos járművek használatát egy izraeli startup.
It used to be the case that in order to scale globally, European companies needed to spend big on launching in the US to achieve the kind of growth they wanted. That usually meant re-locating large swathes of the team to the San Francisco / Bay Area, or New York. New research suggests that is […]
Polish startup VersaBox, a smart robotics company, has received €2.5 million from Fidiasz EVC, SpeedUp Energy Innovation, Movens Capital, and RST Ventures for Earth. The Warsaw-based company has just embarked on its international expansion, creating a partnership network in several European Union countries.  ...
The question of how policymakers should respond to the power of big tech didn’t get a great deal of airtime at TechCrunch Disrupt last week, despite a number of investigations now underway in the United States (hi, Google). It’s also clear that attention- and data-monopolizing platforms compel many startups to use ...
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